How much does it cost to publish with Anderson Publishing?

Nothing. We will never ask for money when we publish your book. We will not require you to purchase copies of your book either. We have costs like all publishers and we recover those costs with book sales.

How much are my royalties?

Our contracts will be different for each book. Our royalties are very competitive within the industry.

Do you pay an advance?

We are a micro-publisher and we don't pay advances like the bigger guys.

How often do you accept new manuscripts?

That depends on what we've got in our publishing queue. Check our Submissions page to see if we're accepting manuscripts and what kinds of books we're looking for.

In what formats do you publish?

We publish in ebook and print.

Can I buy author copies?

Of course! And at a deep discount. We add a small percentage to printing costs to help cover the costs that went into editing, formatting and publishing your book.

What do you expect of authors?

We expect you to respond promptly to edits and other requests. We also expect you to have a public presence online and in person, and we expect you to participate in marketing. We too will advertise your book through our public and online presence.