Cinderella (Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection)

by Jenni James

Publication Date: Anderson Publishing 3rd Edition, October 2, 2021Editions: Paperback and eBook

She has a secret. He can’t stop thinking about her mystery.

Will his attention be her undoing, or his?

Crown Prince Anthony wants nothing to do with the Dashlund household. He’s met the ridiculous Miss Lacey and Miss Jillian, and after the way they destroyed his mother’s rose garden and made a fool of his best friend, he is determined to avoid the lot of them.

But there is a third sister in the Dashlund household—one nearly everyone has forgotten—until the day Prince Anthony spies her hanging laundry in the garden and recognizes the girl who bested him at every event in the festival when they were children. Could that be Ella? And if so, why is she hanging laundry?

As Ella and Anthony—pretending to be a lowly outrider—spend secret moments together, Ella discovers that her own heart, broken as it is, might still be capable of being loved.