Rumplestiltskin (Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection)

by Jenni James

Publication Date: Anderson Publishing 3rd Edition, October 2, 2021Editions: Paperback and eBook

He is hidden from the world, a disgrace to his family.

She is imprisoned, desperate to save her father.

Together they might change the kingdom.

Aubrynn is determined to save her alcoholic father from ruin, despite his efforts to the contrary. But when he makes the most unbelievable claims about her right in front of the king, her life- and all hopes of saving her father- are torn from her. Now, locked inside the castle, she must convince the monstrous king that she can spin straw into gold and marry the king or her father will be killed.

In the same castle, Prince Fredrico is in hiding, his disfigured body a disgrace to the royal family. To save themselves from embarrassment, they lie to the world, claiming the young prince died many years ago. But Fredrico knows something his brother, the king, cannot imagine. Wealth is not measured in gold coins, and power lies not in thrones or scepters, but in true love.