The Dixie Contract

by Wayne Overson

Publish Date: March 16, 2020Editions: Paperback and eBook

Interstate Highways gave drug lords easy access to the United States in the 1970s...

In 1974, Utah Highway Patrol trooper Aaron Gentry gets the job he’s always wanted—patrolling the highways of Utah’s Dixie, in Zion and Kolob, and the newly finished I-15. He soon follows the lead of older officers, spotting potential drug shipments speeding toward the Midwest.

On patrol one night Aaron encounters Naomi, a mysterious woman with ties to a polygamist group. This meeting launches them into an intense and lasting romance.

Meanwhile, Chicago drug kingpin Percival “Rube” Rubinski, hires a couple of Nevada parolees to monitor drug shipments through Utah. But when Rube becomes aware of the absurd antics of his men, there is only one way to fix the problem...

The Dixie Contract is a tense, clean police crime drama.