The Frog Prince (Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection)

by Jenni James

Publication Date: Anderson Publishing 3rd Edition, October 2, 2021Editions: Paperback and eBook

She doesn’t like him. The feeling is mutual.

Can an enchanted disguise reveal true love? Betrothed since infancy, he thinks her vain and petty. She thinks him a smug braggart. Though they have never met in person, their exchange of letters has left Prince Nolan and Princess Blythe with very low impressions of each other.

When Nolan realizes he cannot marry anyone as simple as Blythe, he takes matters into his own hands—or webbed fingers, as the case may be—disguising himself as a frog to see if the princess is really the simpleton she appears. But Princess Blythe has a secret of her own. And it just may be that Prince Nolan and his unconventional methods are the very thing she has been waiting for.