The Jeweled Pendant

by Allison Brown

Publication Date: October 23, 2017Editions: Paperback and eBook

She awakens in a palace with a near-fatal stab wound, and no memory of her past—no memory of anything except her name: Virginia. The royal family cares for her as she regains her strength.

Hardworking and independent, she begs to repay their generosity and becomes their stable hand as she struggles to remember her past.

With the help of the princess and the handsome prince, she sets off on a quest to discover who she is.

As pieces of her memory fall into place, a terrifying picture begins to form. Is her new self-confidence strong enough to endure the tragedies of her past, or will the evils she has forgotten destroy her new life—and perhaps her true love?

Captivated my attention from the very first page!—Amazon Reviewer

A beautiful...clean romance—Amazon Reviewer