The Return of The Ruby Ring

(Sequel to The Power of The Ruby Ring)

by Allison Brown

Publication Date:Editions: Paperback and eBook

Family friendly fantasy, romance, and suspense that will keep you reading until the last page.

Her destiny—the fulfillment of an ancient legend—looms ever nearer...

For the moment, Danni is safe at the palace under the protection of Prince James, who loved her first. His affection was once enough for her, but she has changed.

The torture and suffering of her past have transformed her. And Nathan’s love had saved her.

Preparations for the great battle begin and Danni finds herself joining the war waged for her cause, just as legend prophesied. But that is not the end of the legend..

Is her power and confidence great enough to fulfill it all, or will she lose control and fail at the very feet of her enemies? The Return of The Ruby Ring concludes Princess Dannilynn's adventures and trials with a heart-wrenching love triangle and a dangerous end to her hero quest.