The True Pearl

by Allison Brown

Publication Date: December 30, 2020Editions: Paperback and eBook

New Release from Allison Brown's Precious Stones Treasury!

A whirlwind of intrigue and emotional growth. Loved by myself and all of my daughters! Thanks Allison for yet another awesome read!—Amazon Reviewer intense story, that captured my attention...—Amazon Reviewer

A beautiful story of overcoming challenges in life, of trust and love.—Amazon Reviewer

Princess Evelyn lives as an ordinary princess should: fancy dresses, large feasts, balls, and maids in attendance. But her callous and unaffectionate parents often leave her feeling unloved or even despised. Her future, though, looks promising with a betrothal to Prince Marcus, a man she has only met once as a child but who seems kind.

Then an illness leaves her blind…and shatters her world.

Ashamed of this condition, her wretched parents throw her at the feet of Prince Marcus and leave her there alone, scared, and in complete darkness. Her fate now rests in his hands. Treachery, cruelty, lies, and deceit await her within his palace walls. Those evils threaten to break her spirit and might even claim her life.

Can she find the courage and self-worth within her to conquer? Or will the cruelty and ills ofothers destroy her?