Due to a high number of submissions, we are not requesting manuscripts at this time. Please keep in touch. If you wish to contact us, send an email to publisher@andpubco.com

Content Rules

Most of our books are family friendly. We will not publish religious doctrinal treatises with the intent to proselyte, but religious characters are just fine. We may choose mild violence. Do not submit books containing explicit erotica. We will not publish excessive profanity. We will not reject a book containing this content out of hand, but if we choose your book you'll be asked to modify any portions the editor tags as outside our guidelines. Here's a good rule of thumb for submissions:

If your book were made into a film, would it be allowed to air on primetime broadcast television in the United States? If not, then please do not submit your manuscript to Anderson Publishing unless you're willing to change those sections.

The Process

Publishing a book takes a lot of work. If your book is chosen, you'll go through the entire publishing process, which includes several rounds of edits, meetings, etc...Here's the process in a nutshell:

  • Submit your book.

  • We review, request to read more, and ultimately decide whether to publish your book.

  • Edits.

  • Marketing coordination.

  • Launch.

Oh, but there's so, so much more...At times you're struggling to keep up with edits. Other times you might not have anything to do while we're creating files and doing business on our end.

How Done Is Your Book?

We've received books that seemed to be the writer's first, unrevised draft. These writers may have been good writers but the draft we received didn't show us what we're looking for. Please do not submit a draft if you haven't finished writing the book. Finish the book first, get it as polished as you can, then submit. This isn't just what we want, this is what most agents and publishers want.